Peak of Glory (Capricorn)

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Large Crystal Bar Soap "Peak of Glory (Capricorn) with Cat's Eye Stone

"If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds."

Our 12th bar in the Zodiac Collection, representing the sign Capricorn is "Peak of Glory". This bar captures the powerful and admirable energy of Capricorn, their motivation and drive through life deeply inspired this design. Inspired by the highs and lows in life, we created a bar with a split personality. Some will see the black sand beaches of Ireland and others the mountain tops of Everest. This journey from Sea to Mountains is a reflection of the hard work Capricorns invest in order to experience the most out of this planet. Although the journey is long and hard, the endless stream of experiences and sights make the journey worth it. Broadening a Capricorn horizons and perspective can be incredibly helpful in giving them the balance in their choices. This bar has an embedded Cat's Eye, it is used to enhance your own intuition and increase the perceptions of others’ intentions and opinions of you.It is a prosperity stone, often bringing in financial success over time. It was chosen to help Capricorn be inspired to see the world increase their own self worth and find the beauty in life. We paired this bar with a refreshing blend that smells like fresh rain, its a blend of floral, citrus and a hint of pine. This bar also features black sand to act as a natural exfoliant and connects you to the elements of the earth.


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