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VitaJuwel ViA Wellness Gem Water Bottle with Stones of Amethyst Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz

Add your favorite drinking water (or even red wine!) to this lovely gem water bottle to infuse it with delicious crystal goodness.  After 8 minutes of waters exposure to these crystals (that are safely encased in a glass vial), the high vibrations of the crystals positively effect the water.  Dr Masuro Emoto's HadoLife Laboratories noted a measurable difference before and after waters exposure to the crystals, with an increased alkalinity, increased oxygenation, and a decrease in toxin levels after just 8 minutes exposure time.  The Amethyst stones in the Wellness Blend bring clarity of mind, and the Rose Quartz inspires a healed heart; both of which are amplified by the gorgeous clarity of Clear Quartz! 

As this blend contains Amethyst, you may also notice it's effects on, specifically red wine!  The Greeks have been onto this secret and have used Amethysts to positively effect their red wines for thousands of years.  Many who are sensitive to red wine and get headaches after drinking it, notice the lack thereof, with the gem infused version; others experience a softening of the 'bite' often accompanying even the finest of red wines.  Some have also noticed a softening of the usual tipsy after effects of a good glass of wine.  Say goodbye to the obnoxious drunk, and hello to the smooth operator!

If you're unsure which VitaJuwel Blend to start off your collection, choose this one! 


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